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hey you
i don't have anything to do,so i "opierdalam sie"
but i need to learn analisys,2day i had exam in microeconomy,tia i fucked this out...like usually recently
n now we are planning nice evening,of course some n ,great?yup
hmm the will be from "bjedronka" but so what.i was on my space n found grejt band check it

the party is amazing:D my dreads look better n i find some oznaki of dojrzewanie^^ now i'm lisening to music n my room_mate is shouthing 'cause she is watching her stupid serials
aaaaa write something new n make some comments on onter blogs it will help u to find some readers from net
take care

ja ( -/- ) 18.6.07 16:27

czemu taka cisza,kurz i pajęczyny tu?
cos sie nie starasz(:
wogóle mało people...
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ja ( -/- ) 17.6.07 02:01

sorka ze ja tak kombinuje ale moze cos wyjdzie,w kazdym badz razie powinno wyjsc,bo jak nie to normalnie kogos skopie:D

lolla (Email / Website ) 21.3.07 16:27


lolla (Email / Website ) 21.3.07 16:16

hello again i have my website 2

lolla (Email / Website ) 20.3.07 23:24

i wish it is(i'm from poor poland but hey we should show how great people we are!!!!///i had so much power to learn englishbut now...no i have to be strong,we will learn it cos maybe some day sth will happend to me n change totally me life.....my dream
if i can say sth bout ur blog,i would like here to be some picturesit will be more interesting...my suggestion hehe
take care by by

lolla (Email ) 20.3.07 16:04

Danke, sag mal ist englisch deine muttersprach oder kommt es mir nur so vor?

the suicider (Email / Website ) 20.3.07 03:17

hehehe i'm first;P
truly i like this blog,most people think tht when u write about love ur naive n it's shame....but fuck them off!!!!
everyone wants to have sb who pick u up when ur falling down,who'll be close when is good n when is fucking bad,who'll be with u till old n grey....
i'm waiting for more...
3maj sie buzka:*
nie wiem jak szczelic fotke;/

lolla (Email ) 18.3.07 13:03